Analysis of Bombardier Corporation in the Perspective of Organizational Behavior

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Analysis of Bombardier corporation in the perspective of organizational behavior

Since its foundation in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier as “L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée at Valcourt”,in Quebec (headquarters today in Montreal), Bombardier manufactures state-of-the-art planes and trains that help people and goods getting where they need to go. Bombardier is a double entity business split between aerospace “Bombardier Aerospace“ and rail transportation “Bombardier Transportation”. Bombardier holds third place after Boeing and Airbus in the Aerospace industry and first place in railway industry. Bombardier employs 62900 people, 28900 in aerospace, 33800 in rail transportation and we operate in 60 countries. Bombardier employees design, manufacture, sell and support the widest range of world-class products in these two sectors. This includes commercial and business jets, as well as rail transportation equipment, systems and services. “Our mission is to be the world's leading manufacturer of planes and trains. We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers and sustained profitability to our shareholders by investing in our people and products. We lead through innovation and outstanding product safety, efficiency and performance. Our standards are high. We define excellence—and we deliver.” Bombardier is managed by a board of directors lead by Laurent Beaudoin. In the’ current turbulent economic times there is significant focus on the challenges facing our industries. However Bombardier remains confident that there is a strong potential for business development in the next ten years thanks to a strong product portfolio and a customer satisfaction focus strategy.

1. Compagny values
Our study of Bombardier has demonstrated us that the principal values that this corporation puts forward are the following: Integrity, commitment to excellence, customer orientation, shareholder focus. Integrity

Bombardier says itself that it “behaves with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do and say”. They believe that such a value put in practice will enable them to earn or maintain the trust of all the people they interact with, theses being customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. Commitment to Excellence

In deed like most corporations Bombardier says to seek excellence in all of the activities it under takes. Moreover they believe this excellence is to be achieved by rigorousness and the cultivation of team spirit. Here we can already observe that the culture of Bombardier is focused on the quality of the products and services it delivers. Customer Orientation

Once again this is a fairly common value for corporations but nevertheless when studying Bombardier it is undeniable that customer satisfaction is a concern present at close to all levels of the organizations.

Shareholder Focus
Bombardier is convinced that by being focused on the customer and the quality of it’s products it creates profitable business units and if the business is profitable so are the shares. Moreover, we feel that Bombardier did not want to leave anybody out in the statement of its values.

2. Company employees
Employee Profils:

If we have observed the values that Bombardier attempts to embrace within the corporation let us observe what is done for the employees inside the company. Bombardier boasts dedication towards its employees. In deed here are the achievements that have been made by the company for the employees in the last fiscal year. •Dramatically reduced both our accident frequency and severity ratios between fiscal 2004 and 2009. •Revised our Health, Safety and Environment Policy to reinforce a zero accident mindset •Continued to increase employee engagement across our organization

Everybody who interacts in business or more specifically in organizations with large pools of employees is aware that the...
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