Analysis of Bluebird

Topics: Poetry, Personality psychology, Charles Bukowski Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Analysis of Bluebird

English A.

Bluebird is a poem written by the modern poet Charles Bukowski and published in 1992 in Bukowski’s collection of poems titled “The Last Night of the Earth Poems”.

The poem is about the vulnerability, innermost torment and the suppression of an emotional and fragile personality symbolized through the image of a Bluebird hidden inside the speakers mind.

The composition of the poem is very loose with only two stanzas and a lot of verse lines, some of which only consists of one word. The verse lines with only one word suggest that the reader also has to interpret the way the poem is read; not only the message and theme. Bluebird also has an unusual graphical look that confine, just like Bukowski’s poetry, the composition of a normal and tighter structured poem. The structure and subtle use of literary devices tells us that it’s a modern poem, a style whom among others Charles Bukowski pioneered.

The way Bukowski uses language in this poem is very interesting and is also a key factor in the interpretation. The language is on one hand is very gritty with words like whores, cigarettes and whiskey, but on the other hand he uses fragile and emotional words like weep, bluebird and heart. With wording and phrases that so clearly oppose each other, Bukowski emphasises the struggle between his personalities. Bukowski also uses direct language to create the inner struggle and the reader sees a very personal side of Bukowski, his inner dialogue.

It’s not only a two faced language that shows the struggle of two personalities, but also through the interpretation of the imagery. The hidden, emotional, side of Bukowski’s Personality is symbolized in the image of a bluebird, a small and sensitive bird with a frail pair of wings. The bluebird, just like most other bird species, is threatened when it flies outside its natural habitat and Bukowski feels like his emotional and caring side is threatened by the stigma that society...
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