Analysis of Billboards

Topics: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Analysis of three billboards:

Billboard number one:

The Ad is on Olaya street for Arabian Oud. First of all, the location and the size of the billboard are quite reasonable for the car drivers and speed of 70 kilos. However, the name of the store is on the end of the billboard and in white which is not that clear to the viewers. Thus, they should put it on the top because the 50% discount is way too big compared to the name. Also, the colors used on the billboard aren't attractive to viewers, they could have used similar colors to the logo. As for the website, it's not clearly written at all for it's small size and white color. In conclusion, the Ad was not addressed to customers in a useful way.

Billboard number two:
The Ad is on Tahkasosi street for STC. The Ad was chosen for this month specifically because Rmadan is the coming up month in which people share an interest in watching series and programs. Invision is the name of the product which consists of the TV and the remote colored in purple. Everything on the ad was clear and appealing to the drivers. The font size for the service offered was the biggest which made it the first noticeable thing on the billboard. In addition, the logo of STC is placed in the corner to resemble the company. At last, the ad was very convincing that i even made i search about the invasion product.The new product previews programs and movies on demand, temporal pause of displayed show, re-watching programs that was transmitted during the last 7 days, programs' search and full programs' control to ensure safe and sound watching for the entire family. To summarize, the STC ad might be greatly profitable and worth the expenses cause of its reach to potential customers.

Billboard number 3 :
The ad is for Zain company on a new competition to increase their sales. Firstly, the background is a drawing of two colorful cars won by two friends creative which is very clever since it resembles the prize. The prize is exciting...
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