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An Analysis of Big Fish (2003)

Big Fish is a film of Tim Burton in 2003. It is a fantastic film focusing on the relationship between a father, Edward Bloom and his son, William Bloom. The main storyline is talking about the life of Edward. Edward tells his life to William as if his life is a fairy tales which is full of magical characters and experience. However, William thinks that his father is just keeping telling lies and always brags to him. William wants the truth of his father’s life but Edward insists on that he is a storyteller who is to tell interesting story, while the truth is never important. "Big Fish is about what's real and what's fantastic, what's true and what's not true, what's partially true and how, in the end, it's all true," said by Tim Burton. Because of the fantastic life of Edward, it affects the style of music used.

The clip chosen is a very important scene in the film, as it is the place where Edward met his wife, Sandra. It sets in a circus where Edward brings his giant friend to and helps his friend to find back his value, at the same time, Edward fell in love with Sandra. To create an atmosphere of fancy and relaxing, the music used in the scene in circus is mostly consonance. However, when the giant, Karl comes out, all the people are amazed. In order to match with this event and show the feeling of the audience and the circus manager, the music here is dissonance. With a contrast in the pitch of music, it shows that the people are really amazed and the importance of Karl is shown. It is a turning point of Karl’s life. Before it, Karl cannot find the value of himself. In the small town he lives, people see him as a monster and thus he hides himself in the forest and tries to scare people. Until one day, Edward brings him out of the small town. Finally, he can find his own value in the circus and the circus manager sees him as a treasure. The change in the pitch of music is not only showing the amaze of audience,...
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