Analysis Of Bergen: A Green Meadow Among The Mountains

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Bergen – A Green Meadow Among The Mountains

Near the west coast of Norway, lies the gateway to the Norwegian Fjords – Bergen. Overlooking the vast sea, and clambering to the mountain sides, the big city with a lovely atmospheric small-town charm is ready to embrace any travelers, who wishes to feel the breeze of fresh air in their lungs, and see the unspoiled nature of the Fjords.
Bergen is Norway’s seconds largest city, but the atmosphere, the architecture and the passionate patriotic inhabitants gives the city a true authentic feeling of intimacy. Since its foundation in 1070 by king Olav Kyrre, the city has attracted travelers from all quarters of the world. Merchants traveled abroad in ships and returned with commodities and learned new production methods, and Bergen became a melting-pot of different cultures, and is today one of Norway’s most international cities.
Bergen has many wonderful attractions, accommodations and restaurants – and last but not least an unspoiled nature which is just as breathtaking as it is beautiful. We have gathered just a glimpse of what the city has to offer for groups of any size.
World Heritage City
Bergen is a city which is over 940 years old, and has a rich history many cities can only dream of. Since its foundation, the colorful...

Eating a fantastic meal, with local produce and prepared according to new Nordic standards, while being surrounded in a beautiful atmosphere is quite another. Dining in Bergen is quite an exciting adventure. Centuries of cooking with local produce has given Nordic restaurants the talent to serve high quality meals with the ingredients available at the time of the season. Several restaurants are listed in the White Guide, which lists only the very best restaurants, based on personality, innovation, sustainability and ambience. Seven restaurants in Bergen are recommended, and two have received the Master Grade for very interesting cooking on a very high...
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