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Analysis of:
The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is a wanted criminal for murdering Gathom city’s district attorney, Harvey Dent. But hasn’t been seen or heard of since the events of the murder eight years ago. In the mean time, the few years of peace enjoyed by Gathom are ruined at the arrival of Bane, a ruthless mercenary determined to fulfill the destiny of his master, Ras-Al-Ghul, and destroy Gathom once and for all. Once again Batman must come to the rescue and save the people of Gathom. The Dark Knight Rises is by far the best Batman move and definitely the best of the trilogy.

Ever since Christopher Nolan announced his intentions of making this film I couldn’t wait to see it because I love him as a director. The first thing that caught my attention was the tone of the film. Nolan did a good job in the first two films in terms of establishing a dark theme, but in this film he takes the darkness to another level. The movie never side tracked or descended into silliness or unessary humor, and relatively maintained a pretty serious mood throughout. I really felt the movie had a deeper message in it, rather than it just being just a superhero movie.

Another thing I loved about the movie was the bold directing displayed by Christopher Nolan. For example, when Alfred resigns. Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s butler and a lot more than that and a very important supporting player throughout the Batman movies. Few writers would dare to get rid of such an important character a little past midway through the movie. But this showed that the filmmakers were willing to do anything to tell a good story. It was hard not to be surprised with the resignation of Alfred, but it was even harder not to be impressed with how Nolan uses this tragedy to make Batman into an even more troubled character. Kind of like what he did in the previous film with the death of Rachel. Getting rid of such a vital character along with some other notable tragedies made this film even more epic and profound than it already was.

Another thing that jumped out to me was the profound quality of acting. Morgan Freeman, one of my favorite actors, was involved in small roles throughout the trilogy. Many big names such as Tom Hardy, Anne Hatherway, Lim ieeson, Tom Wilkerson, and Joseph Gordon delivered some of their best performances. Of course there was the leading man Christian Bale, who is probably the best Batman/Bruce Wayne to ever play the role.

Assoon as I learned that Batman would be facing off against Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane being a character with a very twisted and complicated past , I bagan to speculate on how they would provide a some-what believable yet entertaining back story of him without the whole thing being a huge mess, like how Spider-man 3 was with venom. However, I was quickly proven wrong as I fell in love with Tom Hardy as Bane. I agree with Anthony Crogan from, that Tom Hardy was magnificent in this film. From his creepy voice, to his eloquent terror inspired speeches to his intimidating physique I thought it couldn’t possibly have been done better. As far as his back story was concerned, this also was nailed in dramatic fashion. From providing early rumors to finally revealing the true story told by Talia at the end . Another thing I was curious about before I watched this film was if Bane would break Batman’s back, as that was a very big part of the comic book version. And as much as I hoped it would happen, I never expected it to. Of course I was completely mesmerized when it actually did happen although in this version he dislocates Bruce’s back rather than breaking it. But I thought that played better with Nolan’s more realistic version of Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises alone stands as a great movie, but its much better when you have seen the previous two films. Nolan doesn’t forget about the events that occurs in the previous films. Some of the events that take place in...
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