Analysis of Barack Obama’s speech 2004 Keynote Address

Topics: United States, Family, Emotion, Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Rhetoric / Pages: 3 (612 words) / Published: Feb 2nd, 2014
Part 1: Analysis of Barack Obama’s speech 2004 Keynote A1ddress

The speech is written and spoken by Barack Obama in 2004. Back then he was a senator in Illinois, and this speech changed everyone’s point of view of him, and people started to see his presidential potential.
About 9.1 million people were reported to have watched the Democratic convention on the night of the speech.

In the speech Barack Obama starts out talking about his heritage, and how his family started from the bottom, and worked their way up, to where he is now. In the speech he is mentioning his father as poor and growing up heading goats in a small village in Kenya, his grandfather as a cook and his maternal grandfather’s joining of Patton’s army for America. That is suggestive of a very long struggle of his family for a better future for their children. The mention of his parents belief that giving an African name (Barack), which means “blessed”, to Obama gives positive feelings to the people listening to his speech in favor of Obama, because their belief came true. He got very far from where his family started. He also included the American Dream in the speech, by saying that his family came to America because it was know for the land of opportunity and freedom. I think his motivation for telling the American citizens about his family, is to give the people hope and make them believe that, if his family could do it, then you can do it too. In that way he used ethos, because he tries to get the people’s trust, by motivating their emotional side, with some help from the appeal form Pathos. Pathos is trying to get to their “soft spot”, which it does by telling about his personal life as well . Then he started to talk about families in general in America, and told about the families he had met and been talking to. He says that they new that there is a lot of hard work ahead of them, but they will not stop believing, because they know that they can do it, which is exactly what Obama wants

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