Analysis of Axe's Dark Temptation

Topics: Female, Sex, Woman Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: November 29, 2009
The message behind the Axe commercials is quite simple: Use Axe body sprays and women will pursue you. Even though many ads online may claim to be selling magic pheromones that are “100% Guaranteed to Attract Sex Now,” it’s pretty safe to say that there is no such thing. If it were true eHarmony and would be filing for Chapter 11 right about now. Nevertheless, commercials targeting young adults, such as Clearasil and Axe, adamantly glorify these unrealistic fantasies. In 2008 Axe released a body spray labeled Dark Temptation, its slogan implying that it is “as irresistible as chocolate.” Encased in a rather stout container, the prints on it are rather gloomy and reminiscent of the retro era. The commercial for it however, is quite jaunty and upbeat, which makes it unique from earlier commercials they’ve made. Instead of the usual adult movie reference, the Dark Temptation commercial was quite fantasy-esque. It reminded me of the Tin Man walking along the yellow brick road hoping to receive what he desperately needed. The commercial begins in a stark white bathroom. In front of a mirror is a young male in his late teens or early twenties holding a can in his right hand. The only sounds heard are sprays emanating from this can. After a few quick spurts the screen fades out to the male placing the can onto a toilet top. As his hand moves away, all that’s seen is this dark brown can which seems to stand out amongst all the bleak items surrounding it. The contrast of colors makes it kind of hard to not notice the word “AXE”. After a quick silence a melodic beat starts to fade in and the view is returned to the mirror. But instead of the dull slim teenager we first started with, we see a jolly upbeat man made of chocolate. Looking eerily similar to a Mr. Goodtime Easter Bunny chocolate, only at a much grander scale, and with a daunting smile that seems resistant to movement no matter how hard he tried. After a last look in the bathroom mirror, the scene is...
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