Analysis of “August: Osage County”

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Analysis of “August: Osage County”
August: Osage County is a darkly comedic play which tells of a dysfunctional family struggling with timeless issues. It is the story that gets to my heart of human emotion and behavior that have the most impact. Most of the Weston family members are sharp and sensitive because they can be ability to make each other absolutely miserable. The first scene when Johnna who was an Indian woman was hired and a few weeks later Beverly disappeared, which motivated the family to come together to look for him. Later discovered Beverly had committed suicide. With the heat of everyone’s minds, the family secrets were revealed and tempers flied toward a shocking and result was in this relatable production. What Do We Learn from August: Osage County? Many messages are throughout the play. There are different sorts of issues let me surprised because relationship and problems are between wives and husbands and daughters. August: Osage County is set on the plains of modern day. JCC Center stage is not big. Tinges construct a fully functional multileveled, the Weston house making the space realistic and it is around many rooms which are family room, living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Set sprawls across the full space of the stage. The first impression is that old Weston family photos and these photos are engrained into this wood house’s wall. Each space carrying a particular feel and it is based on the placement of the furniture and change of scenes. Analysis of Character 1

Violet Weston: The devious matriarch, who suffers from cancer of the mouth and she is addicted to painkillers. The first scene after she took the painkillers, she walked down satire. When she dialogued with her husband, I just thought she was very ugly. Later scenes let me so surprised because she just was a sharp-tongued and shrew’s mother and wife. Her husband committed suicide because he could not stand his every day because he has to live with this kind of environment...
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