Analysis of american gothic

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American Gothic – writing assignment

I Description:
In the painting we see two people. We see the farmer holding a hayfork and beside him is a woman. The woman is most likely his daughter. The couple stands in front of a house styled by the “Carpenter Gothic” era. The sun is shining but the couple don’t look like they appreciate the weather or “something else”. They both look very stretched in their faces. The man has a long head and his mouth is like a parenthesis on the wrong side. The woman on the other hand doesn’t look straight at us but instead look to the right. She avoids us and therefore it becomes hard to figure out her thoughts. But judging by her facial expression she is sad and appears limp.

II Analysis:
The first thing I notice is the man’s facial expression. You can look straight in his eyes. They are clearer than the woman. I also notice that the man is in front of the woman with a pitchfork. The pitchfork symbols both hand labor and is also a sign of aggression. The angle we look at the picture is from the normal perspective. We can see this because the painting is painted from an angle that is straight. This is the same as looking at an other person with our own eyes. This means that there is no height difference.

The shapes used in the painting are circular, triangular and square. The square forms emerge in the windows as well as the shutters. The circular forms emerge from both the man and the woman’s bodies as well as the in the man’s glasses. We can also see the round, almost perfect, trees in the background. The triangle appears from the top window.

The colours used in the painting are in one-way very dull but in other way very bright. The dull and fated colours appear in the woman and man’s clothes. The woman wears a brown overdress with a black sweater and a shirt beneath. The man wears the clothes of a workingman. He has what seems to be an overall on and a dark jacket. The black colour symbolises depression as well...
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