Analysis Of Allied Military Strategy In World War II Analysis

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Analysis of Allied military strategy in World War II illustrates Dale C. Eikmeier’s concept of operational approach, the importance of the Arcadia Conference, and the influence of classical military theorists. The operational approach in “Plan Dog” and the “Victory Plan” addressed one of Eikmeier’s design questions. The approval of the Germany First strategy made the Arcadia Conference the most important conference between Allied strategists. The adherence to Clausewitz and Sun Tzu by the United States and Great Britain respectively accounted for disagreements over military strategy. The Allied application of sea power more closely followed naval theorist Julian Corbett than Alfred Thayer Mahan. The Allied Combined Bomber Offensive...

By using operational approach techniques to address Eikmeier’s design question above, Admiral Stark and Major Wedemever were able to provide viable options to resolve strategic challenges facing the United States. Admiral Stark’s “Plan Dog” operational approach of Germany First formed the strategic underpinning for the most important conference between Allied...

Allied forces evolved into a naval strategy of convoy and avoidance in the Atlantic. Corbett’s naval strategy was based on the concepts of strategic defense, command of the sea for defensive purposes, non-concentration of the fleet, and not focusing on a decisive battle. Mahan’s naval strategy was based on the concepts of offense, concentration, and engaging an enemy’s main fleet. The Allied application of sea power in the European theater exemplified almost every characteristic of Corbett’s defensive and non-concentration strategies. Mahan’s naval strategy was far more offensive than what the Allies attempted in the European theater. The Allied strategy concentrated on protecting shipping with convoys and not seeking out offensive contact with German naval forces. While the Allied application of sea power was defensive, its application of air power related to the CBO was...
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