Analysis of 'the Miller's Tale' from the Canterbury Tales

Topics: Human nature, Social class, Nobility Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: January 18, 2009
The host’s remarks to the drunken Miller in the prologue of the Miller’s tale is biased as the host accolades the noble Knight’s tale and asks the Monk to tell a tale and when the Miller offered to tell a tale, he tries to stop him. According to the host, everything should proceed in descending social class and this suggests that the host is a stereotypical medieval person. The Miller, on the other hand, insists on telling the tale. This conveys his uncaring attitude towards others and his rough and vulgar nature. In addition, he also displays his overconfident nature by convincing all the other pilgrims that his tale would be as well crafted as the Knight’s. Unlike the Knight’s tale in which characters are nobles, the characters in the Miller’s are bourgeois. This means that the tale of each pilgrim could expressively illustrate his or her social status or rank. The Miller’s tale in overall tends to construct the idea that marriages with a very young spouse will not have a happy ending. The Miller’s Tale is, after all, a humorous tale as each of the characters get paid off with what they deserve and all of them have a bad ending. Although rough and vulgar, the Miller knows how to illustrate true human nature that everyone is pretender in one or another ways. For example, in his tale, Nicholas and Alison acts as unrelated if John is there and when John is away, they sleep together. The Miller’s tale also shows why a person cannot be caged like an animal, if restricted too much, that person will eventually break away as in his tale, Alison is caged by John and she later cheats on him as a result of his jealousy. There are many religion affiliated names or things mentioned in the Miller’s tale, like God, St. Thomas, Noah’s flood. This conveys that the Miller, indeed, has great knowledge about Christianity, which contrasts the image that Chaucer gives in the Prologue. Chaucer describes the Miller as a vulgar thief who cheats by taking money while giving fewer...
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