Analysis of 'Disabled' and 'Refugee Blues'.

Topics: Recycling, Sex, Watch Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: March 12, 2013
1.7 Specification

My specification is for a watch storage box, able to hold 10 watches, 10 bracelets and 5 cufflinks at the highest safety degree possible. It will be made out of plywood and acrylic. It will not be batch produced and will be aimed at males and females above the age of 18. My product must be as safe to use as possible to meet the criteria of all health and safety regulations around the world.

1.The overall size of the watch storage box is 200x250. I chose these measurements after measuring the average dimensions of several desks and closets, and they are very suitable since they fit perfectly on one side of the closet leaving plenty of space available for other objects to stow. 2.The watch storage box will be lockable. This is a feature I was certain of adding, since the watch storage box has to keep all valuable accessories safe and away from harm. The locking mechanism eliminates the risk of the top cover unlocking and dropping the watches, enabling them to scratches, internal and external damaging. It also is a great feature since it keeps the watches safe from theft, which is an essential factor in storing valuables such as watches, rings or bracelets. 3.The storage box will be made by hand. This feature of development makes it hard to batch produce the storage box. Since it is made completely by hand, the amount of detail can be increased so, the quality of the workmanship can be at its best. The last advantage to hand-making my product is the elimination of the use of machines. This decreases the amount of green house gases distributed during the building process of my product. 4.The storage box must be easy to take apart and reassemble. This is a great feature added to my product, which results in several advantages. During travel, the storage box may be too big to be stored in a luggage bag, so, it can taken apart where there is only one level each, decreasing the overall size of the box while keeping the watches as safe as...
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