Analysis Notes on Paul Auster's Ghosts

Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: April 27, 2014
1. Structure
2. Introduction (theme?)
3. Genre characteristics (1. theme: Urbanism as a way of life → heterogeneity, 2. postmodernism genre characteristics: dehumanized, short story about writing = metafiction, 3. short story: genre characteristics) 4. Setting(supports the urban city-genre), Characters (no names+different colours=heterogeneity), imagery - the window reflecting Blues own character = metaphor for the two characters mirroring each other → loss of identity, title, author and language (Put into perspective: Paul Auster touches the loss of language, identity, metafiction), 5. Perspective (Drive = no name → faceless relations, missing identity, alienation) → Eventually relate to faceless relations-theory from social studies

The Setting of the story:
New York City. “The place is New York, the time is the present, and neither one will ever change.” Giving no exact timeline or place, only validates this identification-less characters - it is unimportant as the identities of the characters. Blue mentions that the place of the story is unimportant, but makes Orange Street the place of work for the sake of the story. Orange Street symbolizes the efforts and craving towards the desperate seeking of a necessary identity. Blue talk about Walt Whitman selling his book on Orange Street and Henry Ward railing against slavery on this very street, stating “So much for local colour”. Orange Street is full of identification and people who knew, no more soul searching, they knew who they were. Yet Blue will lose his here.

Character descriptions:
Blue: A detective working a spying-case for White, where he has to spy on Black. Brown: Blue’s mentor, taught him everything he know.
White: The client paying Blue to spy on Black
Black: The person Blue is supposed to spy on and makes reports about. His life seems to revolve about nothing but writing and sleeping, in fact his actions are depicted more or less meaningless in the story →...
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