Analysis Note Taste

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Roald Dahl Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Analysis: TASTE.

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Taste is a special short story of Roald Dahl, which is also exploring the dark side of human nature in regards to our tendency to lie to avoid negative consequences. In this story, Roald chose to write about different classes in society and how people try to fit in the “upper class”. Mike Schofield is the main character in the story. He desperately wants to fit into Richard’s class, which is considered as upper class. He tries to do anything, including putting his daughter into the bet between him and Richard about wine,“ I’ll bet you anything you damn well please, if you want to make an issue out of it.” Mike said, “ I will, if that’s the way you want it” (pg.12). These show that Mike is willing to do anything in other to be accepted and belonged. However, I think he should not trying to fit in, and he should be himself instead of trying to belong to something, because being yourself always makes you feel free and comfortable. Richard Pratt is a famous gourmet. He is the president of a small society, and he is belonged to the upper class. That’s the reason why he shows off a lot, and he always act arrogantly. Unfortunately, that “arrogance” makes him pays a big price. He is seems as the person who knows everything about wine, so that’s the reason why when Mike bets him; his pride tells him that he could not deny it. Obviously, he needs to cheat to win the bet. Unfortunately, the maid reveals everything that seems to be covered up. After the maid reveals everything, I noticed that cheating is bad, and sooner or later, people will notice it. Human dignity and values are not based on upper class or middle class; they are based on how people live. If you are a good person, and you treat people nicely and kindly, obviously people will respect and love you. There is a really great quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson about fitting in that I found in the Internet: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you...
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