Analysis: Neil Young

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Neil Young; After the Gold Rush 1970
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Neil Young’s third album; After the Gold Rush is a mellow approach to rock and roll during the early 70’s. The album also demonstrates Young’s Folk roots with a slight country feel. Young plays pop and folk dimensions that are heard throughout the album but with caution and conservatism. Neil becomes a mainstream artist however his sound falls outside the sounds heard in commercial mainstream rock and folk music due to his careful style and distinctive voice. After the Gold Rush is an example of why Neil Young’s sound is so distinctive. The Album opens with the track “Tell Me Why”. This song consists of simple chord progressions as well as only consisting of vocals and guitar. The backup singers chime in harmoniously to emphasize certain lyrics periodically. Their warbling voices accompany and help frame Young’s signature quavering voice beautifully. Young and the other vocalists sing in a soft and simple timbre but with country twang. You can hear a rockabilly aspect to the song. The texture of this song is a clean and thin with little instrumentation. This song is among one of the softer songs on the album because Young sings and plays with a smooth and long attack. The performance of this song is clear and simple with no noticeable sound altering after recording. “Till the Morning Comes” enters with a playful piano solo playing simple articulated chords. This audibly pleasing piano arrangement is unlike his other piano arrangements because in this song we hear a more bouncy and faster tune. Neil young sings soft and smoothly the lyrics till the morning comes and is offered in a repeated cut. A flugelhorn is heard in this track adding to the playful tone of this song. Back up vocals sings in a high tenor pitch “till the morning comes” repeatedly. The song ends after a fade out of the harmonized repeated vocals that are mixed with piano, leaving you with the feeling to hit...
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