Analysis: Mobile Phone and Erik Peterson

Topics: Mobile phone, Management, Motivation Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Erik Peterson Case Analysis
Organizational Behavior

Erik Peterson was general manager of the Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company (GMTC). Cellular mobile telephone system situated in a New Hampshire and Vermont. Erik Peterson newly appointed general manager in (GMTC) who has facing lots of difficulties in industry causes of due to lack of experience which is want of current job. Major goal of the company is to start the operations of GMCT. Peterson lack power of performance in industry and self motivation. These were the major factors that delayed the progress in achieving the goals of CelluComm. The right solution for achieving the goal was that he should have been guided in proper manner during the initial stages of his joining in Hanover. In addition to that Peterson should have handled relationships between both seniors and peers effectively and also exhibited qualities of leadership and motivation proactively.

Problem Analysis
Starting of GMCT’s operation was the main goal of cellucom. As cellucom since its starting in 1980’s has made a good image over the years. They don’t want to malign their image by repeated delays in their launch of operation of GMCT. Erik Peterson lack’s of experience were main factor in achieving the target of cellucom. Erik Peterson lack of proactive thinking and confidence were main factor in achieving the target of cellucom. Erik Peterson at the time of interaction impressed with their knowledge.

Alternative Analysis
Outline of solution-
When Peterson co ordinate with Jeff Hardy did not showing the interest in guiding the Peterson in regarding the operation in GMCT. Peterson should have create a reason to busy in discussion with Richard Hardy in way to obtain the trust of Richard. Erik Peterson should have to contact with other who have more experience and know how they do their task in...
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