Analysis Milan Cathedral, Italy

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Situated in the middle of Milan, Italy in the Piazzo del Duomo is Milan Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world. The exterior and interior appearances are aw-inspiring, commanding respect in our modern day time period and long ago during the time periods in which the Milan Cathedral was constructed. The cathedral also earned respect by being the center for community functions.

The Milan Cathedral has outer height of 215 ft and a maximum width of 302 ft allowing for a capacity of 40,000. The huge building is made of brick and faced with famous Candoglia marble. The Candoglia, “pink” marble used to build the Milan Cathedral is still mined and exported throughout the world today. Both the gray and pink colors illuminate the structure.

Facing the Milan Cathedral, the view is magnificant. Many spires atop it making them seem as though they are shooting up into the sky with crosses imbedded within and sticking out the tops. A spire is a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, particularly a church tower. Spires were meant to portray both strength and to reach to sky. The presence of this church can be viewed at a great distance almost reminiscant of a giant castle. The windows are Gothic style with pointed arches. This “pointed arch style” allowed for buildings to built reaching heights greater than before because the arches. give a structure strength and stability and also providing more support for the roof. Countless sculptures are atop the roof and also surround the masterpiece cathedral’s exterior walls. In 1762 one of the main features of the cathedral, the Madonnina's spire, was erected at the height of 356 ft. It was designed by Francesco Croce and perches at the top of a Madonna statue which also represents stature of the cathedral. Inside the Milan Cathedral are five wide naves, divided by forty pillars, and are reflected in the hierarchic openings of the facade. The...

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