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Part III Analysis Shontae Osborne December 24, 2012 Axia Online College

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Colon Cancer is a cancer of the large intestines which is the lower part of the digestive system. There is also rectal cancer which is cancer of the last several inches of the colon, together they are referred to as colorectal cancers. Colorectal Cancer is commonly known as colon cancer or bowel cancer. Most cases of colon cancer begin as small noncancerous clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Over time some of the polyps can became colon cancer. Colon cancer is incidence and mortalities are significantly higher in African Americans that in any other race. African American women are more likely to die from colon cancer than women in any other racial group and African American men are even more likely to die from colon cancer.

The literature in the article is reviewed threw the University institutional review board and the administration of the health center. The research used research activities, including recruitment, focus groups, and interviews. The researchers also used semi structured interviews. The researchers also gave the participants more knowledge about (CRC ) Colon Cancer. There were demographic factors and colorectal cancer screening history.

The ethical considerations were that the researchers did not just look at the patients but also the family history of the patients. The researcher also informed the patients of what type tests and surveys would be done. The research that was done was purposeful...
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