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Topics: Art, Short story, Arts Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Analyse of the short story ’’Flypaper’’

An artist has become really famous, his art is mostly performed in concrete. People are curios, they wants to know who this artist is, but he remains anonymous, because his art involves breaking the law, this curiosity leads to a lots of money for unmasking the artist. In London, council leader Perry finds out that the re-election is coming up and that his reputation is not good so he decides to catch the artist. He fills a hole with concrete and with Rossiter for the artist to come. In the night the artist comes and prepares his next piece of art, he lays down in the concrete with the same position Jesus stands on the cross, with his arms stretch out and on leg crossed the other on, while Rossiter and some men trying to save him he sinks. In the end he disappears into the cement. Perry has in the meantime left the balcony, and his in a dark room where he is smoking a cigarette Perry’s motives

Perry’s motives is that he is very interested in the big sum of money that he can get if he unmask the artist, but the re-election is coming up, and Perry wants to stay in politics. He is sure that if he reveals the mysterious artist he will get a lot of prestige and publicity. Perry is dependent of his good popularity among the citizens he see the unknown artist as a opportunity to do something for himself.

“They’ll be flocking here from Timbuktu. I’ll be the donkey’s bollocks, and you’ll still have a job, so keep your mouth shot. We’ll nail that cunt”

Perry is described as a heartless politician who do not care about the idea of using another person for has own advantage

The artist work of art
The artist is the main character in this short story, he likes to be notices, but he keeps himself unknown. He makes his art by making imprints in cement before it dry, he leaves his fingerprint in the cement, so that people knows that it’s his work. He makes the art in public places, where everybody can see it,...
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