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Topics: Strategic management, 1981, 1967 Pages: 25 (4376 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Management 4723 - Strategic Management
Fall 2013

Dr. Lindy Archambeau, Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: STZ 211H
Tel.: 352-392-1734
Website: Sakai
Office Hours: MW 2:00 to 3:00 PM and by appointment


Required Text: Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases, 4nd Edition; Barney and Hesterly
Class Materials available at Sakai Site

This course focuses on the analysis of the strategic challenges facing the modern business enterprise. The class will explore the goals and objectives of firms in various industries and the manner in which these firms can achieve these goals. Analyses of the industry, interfirm rivalry and firm specific competitive advantage are the key components of the course. The course initially focuses on strategy at the business level and then moves on to multi-business firms. The class formally covers the following conceptual areas:


The concept of strategy
Industry analysis
Firm resources and capabilities
Business and Corporate Strategies

This course adopts a general management perspective and maintains that strategy is fundamental to not just the chief executive, but to managers at all levels of the firm. As a result, it provides you with the opportunity to analyze business decisions from the perspective of the general manager. This approach is fundamental for developing critical thinking skills. To achieve this objective, we will use case analysis and discussion to connect strategic management theory with practice. Strategy can be uncomfortable because the questions and answers are often ambiguous and the solutions unclear. However, there are frequently better alternatives that can be reached through careful understanding of the competitive environment. The overarching goal of this course is to enable students to develop, and/or fine tune skills in the analysis of strategic and organizational problems and issues. These skills include:


a) Diagnosis:
Critically diagnosing strategic and organizational problems at various levels (e.g. individual, group, division, firm, industry group, society, and global) and developing an awareness of the fundamental assumptions involved.

b) Recommendation:
Developing viable solutions and implementation strategies to address these problems.
c) Communication:
Articulating the above both orally and in writing.
The specific objectives for the course are:
(a) To gain an understanding of the role of the manager in formulating and implementing strategy.
(b) To develop a competence in applying techniques in industry and competitive analysis. (c) To utilize different theories and practices of how to evaluate firm resources and activities and to identify competitive advantages and disadvantages. (d) To learn how to develop strategies based on competitive advantages (e) To understand issues involved in transforming strategy into action. COURSE FORMAT

This is a case/discussion method course. The primary instruction vehicle will be the analysis of selected management, strategy, and policy cases. Lectures, in class exercises and discussions of assigned readings will be used to complement the discussion of the case material. In addition, readings in the popular business press will be used to supplement the conceptual readings and formal case material. This material will be used primarily to understand the practical application of the competitive strategy frameworks. Note: The professor reserves the right to change assignments and cases as necessary to facilitate an improved learning experience. Preparation for the class discussion should begin with a rapid reading of the assigned readings and other materials. It is also helpful to review the assignment questions for guidance regarding which special issues require special attention. The next step is to re-read the readings carefully, taking notes to sort information, facts,...
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