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Topics: Milk, Got Milk?, California Milk Processor Board Pages: 5 (1507 words) Published: October 8, 2014

1. Campaign
2. How verbal symbols and visual images are used to persuade 3. Analyze the occurrence based on the concepts (political, framing, agitation) 4. Will you join? Why?

Milk is a product most people are familiar with. It’s white, good for your health and came in gallons, people mostly think they know all there was to know about milk. Persuading someone to consume more of something they already know a lot about is not an easy job. The persuasion campaign "Got milk" is a famous campaign started in 1994, that’s purpose is to persuade people to consume more milk.

Starting from 1970s there was a clear decrease in the consumption of milk, due to the start up of the many soft drink companies. The decrease urges California’s largest milk processors to take action; funding a board that would be charged with creating advertising dedicated to selling milk. The processors decided to finance the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB). Each was to contribute three cents for every gallon of milk they processed. With the help of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, a campaign was created. Till today the agreement had allowed for a $23 million/year marketing budget.

Not only did the campaign successfully increase milk sales, it also caused a big influence in the marketing industry. The campaign was intentionally for the State but became worldwide in no time. The slogan “got milk?” became famous, thanks to the company’s marketing. The campaign has over 90% awareness in the US and the tag line has been licensed to dairy boards across the US since 1995 ( The phrase “got milk” has been licensed on a range of consumer goods including Barbie dolls, baby and teen apparel, and kitchenware. The slogan is now use in all situation, changing the word milk to whatever suits their needs.

Verbal symbols

The name of the campaign it self, “got milk?” became the verbal symbol. It was use as the slogan and the main theme of all its visual images, whether in print or on television.

With its grammatical error, the slogan is short, simple, different, but catchy and futuristic. The voice over for “got milk?” during commercials is very cool and collective; all of this to associate milk with being “cool” and something of the now era.

Visual Images

The ‘got milk?’ campaign uses various famous celebrities to promote. Each advertisement is unique; the celebrities in each advert hold a glass of milk and have a milk moustache to show that they drank the milk. The milk moustache became a signature of the campaign, making everyone think of the campaign every time they see the moustache.

Each ‘got milk?’ advertisement promotes different benefits of milk and each celebrity is chosen to fit each of those benefits. In the 2005 advertisement above, the advert features Serena Williams and ability milk helps improve the chances to burn fat which allows individuals to lose weight in a healthy manner.

The advertisement encourages the consumption of milk by appealing to women’s emotions. In today’s society, appearance is everything; if you look good, you will get more than enough attention. Young women, and men alike, are constantly surrounded by, in-shape models, and fit, sculpted celebrities. But for women, it’s more detrimental if you happen to be overweight in the slightest way. Struggling with weight issues and appearance are problems that even little girls in middle school and high school face on the daily basis.

In this ad, Serena is holding a glass of milk that is in the shape of an hourglass. She is illuminated, standing out against the black background. Any one that looks at the ad would be drawn to her and her powerful stance at first glance. The tennis net is adorned around her body and the tennis racket is held down by her side; these factors are used to convey a sense of power. She has power over the game of tennis because she is a very good, trained athlete, as a consumers of milk, you can have...
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