Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Tourism Industry

Topics: Tourism, Economy, World Tourism Organization Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: November 3, 2008
With the social development, tourism has become one of the industries with strongest development momentum and largest scale in global economy. Industry position and economic function of tourism in urban economic development strengthened gradually and function of pulling urban economy, driving social employment and promoting the culture and environment showed gradually. Tourism is the pillar industry of China economic development.   China tourism still maintained rapid development in 2006, and comprehensive growth in the three big markets. In the whole year, inbound tourists were to 124.9421 million ( of which inbound staying overnight tourists were 49.9134 million, increased by 6.6% than last year), tourist foreign exchange revenues were 33.949 billion dollars, respectively increased 3.9% and 15.9%; domestic tourists were 1.394 billion and revenues were 623 billion yuan, respectively increased 15% and 17.9%; China outbound tourists were to 34523.6 thousand, increased by 11.3% than last year; total tourism revenues were 893.5 billion RMB, increased by 16.3% than last year and equal to 4.27% of GDP. 2006 was the first year of the “11th Five Years” plan. The development status in 2006 was no doubt a good beginning of domestic tourism development during the “11th Five Years”.   From January to November in 2007, there were 39,970,340 tourists received in main cities of China, increased year-on-year 13.37%, of which 23,330,404 were foreign tourists, 11,176,899 Hangkong compatriots, 722,831 Macao compatriots and 4,740,206 Taiwan compatriots. During this period, there were 23,938,139 foreign tourists in China inbound tourists, of which 6,434,616 foreign tourists were for conferences or business activities, 12,049,859 foreign tourists were for sightseeing tour, 72,866 foreign tourists were for visiting friends and relatives, 2,122,858 were inbound service staffs and 3,257,940 were for other purposes.   The announcement of national vacations on festival and anniversary and...
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