Analysis and Interpretation of ‘a Death in Bethany’

Topics: One-act play, Slang, Emotion Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Analysis and interpretation of ‘A Death in Bethany’

In this paper I will give a plot of the one act play ‘A Death in Bethany’ which I have read. The play is written by Garry Williams and is a play about a separated couple that has a hard time dealing with the consequences of the husband’s leaving her and the children. Afterwards I will make an analysis of the story and at last I will interpret the play to find out why the characters act the way they do.

‘A Death in Bethany’ is a one act play which takes place in a small living room. There are three characters in the play. Roz and Henry who have two children together and also had a relationship before Henry left Roz six months ago for another woman. The third character is a man named Monty, and he is sleeping in the apartment together with Roz when Henry suddenly comes by. Henry wants to see his children and talk with Roz, since he is sad given his father’s sudden death. After the fight between Henry and Monty, Monty leaves the apartment. After this Roz has a inner struggle if she should let Henry stay, but in the end she invites him to take a shower with her, so he can let all his feelings of hopelessness and grief run out with the bath water.

The play takes place in Roz’s apartment and the situation is a little awkward in the beginning, but in the end Roz has chosen which man she wants to be with. The protagonist is Roz’ ex-husband Henry, and all he wants is to get back with Roz and have a life with her and their children. The conflict for Henry is to get Roz to listen to him and to have her forgive him because he left her. The climax is the fight between Monty, the other man, and Henry. They are fighting to decide who should get Roz. But here Roz takes over, and ends the fight. She chose to help and support Henry through his crisis. This change in Roz and Henrys actions and characters are because they both want to work on their relationship and forgive each other for the mistakes they made. It is...
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