Analysis and Explation of Development Undertaken During Teaching Placement

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 9 (2998 words) Published: November 11, 2008
As my final teaching placement draws to a close, two things in particular resonate about the experience: One, that I can teach, I don’t think I would be at this point in my degree otherwise, and the other, that the process of becoming a teacher is a gradual build up from basics to delivery, and this process will continue for as long as I continue teaching. When I began this final placement I felt confident that I could fairly competently begin teaching again, this is not to say I was not aware of the breadth of knowledge and learning I was and am still to undergo, yet I found the beginning of placement very testing and surprising in terms of the lack of grasp I had on enforcing basics to all my lessons. I put this down to having such a large gap in between placements (seven months) also because I wanted to teach great lessons immediately (also something which did not happen)so much so that I overlooked basics such as organization and preparation. The result of this was that I spent the first month getting crucial organizational skills into place before my lessons began to shape the learning pupils undertook. This essay serves the purpose of analysing and explaining the development which I have undergone during this final ten week teaching placement. Two notable factors which contributed to this have already been mentioned. I have drawn on evidence from colleague and pupil feedback, used graphs to collate information gathered from questionnaires, drawn on my own personal reflections and experiences and incorporated the recommended reading ( Cope. P. (2005) Perspectives on the nature of education) to support all I have included to make this essay as clear and concise as possible. I have chosen to write this essay using topical headings to break down and clearly describe elements of my development in a logically progressive order. The essay will begin with an analysis of both my observed lessons (one which took place at the start of the placement, the other which was at a later stage) and the ways in which my analysis changed over time. I will then go on to discuss my own perceptions and evaluations of my effectiveness as a teacher and how this has developed. From here I will talk about feedback from colleague’s and from pupils, incorporating areas which need improvement and before concluding I will give a summary of what and how I have learnt, and how I intend to continue with my development. Before beginning, I would like to make my perceptions of the subject I teach clear. Cope (1999) states that “teaching is a moral and ethical profession in which you are expected to have a system of values which relate to the way you work” (P6). I believe the perception I have of my subject reflects the passion I have for it which in turn have begun to reflect in the ways I teach my lesson as I continue to gain more experience. The place of physical education (PE) within the school curriculum has long been challenged and disregarded as a credible subject. Most of us can identify with times when our PE lesson has been compromised for additional maths or English lessons because ‘playing sport’ is not as important as learning maths. This is not to say that one is better than the other at all but just that one is compromised more readily for the other. PE, however is not focused purely on playing sport, or concepts related to sport nor the production of learners who can cooperate through sport (a trait easily recognised in its socially interactive context) but a wider reaching, deeper set of values which underpin the development of responsible, personally and morally educated citizens. In the current climate of education where the curriculum for excellence is about to come into place, I feel passionately about the potential the subject I teach has to contribute to the development of the whole child with characteristics and attributes which embody citizenship. These characteristics are presented to us...
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