Analysis and Evaluation of North East Development Council's Residents in Singapore

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1 Executive Summary
2 Project Description
a. Situation Analysis
b. The Statement of Need/Problem
c. Product or Service Offering
e. Market Description
f. Market Segmentation
g. Target Market
h. Competitive Advantage
i. Marketing Mix
j. Marketing Research & Consumer Research Questionnaire k. Financial Requirement
l. Management & Organisation
m. Tasks & Gantt Chart
n. Roles & Responsibilities
3 Conclusion
4 References


This proposal provides an analysis and evaluation of NE CDC’s residents living in the North East areas of Singapore.

On the first week of the project, we had met up with our client to discuss about the company’s problems, goals and objectives. We also had discussions regarding all the questions we wanted to address regarding the proposal and the aim that the clients wishes us to meet.

We started our brain storming session, discussing and sharing ideas within our group. We listed down all the pros and cons of each of our ideas in which it helped us chose a event. We decided on a masquerade party.

On the following week, we went out to do our field work. We had gone to 5 different areas of the North East region; we had divided into groups of 2 and 3 and went out to different blocks and went to conduct our door-to-door survey. Other than our door-to-door survey, we also went out and did site recceing, to observe each region and the behavior of its people and their lifestyles.

In addition to the door-to-door survey, we also conducted a online survey using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Since we are targeting Facebook audience, we thought that it would be a good idea to also conduct a survey with the online community.

Right after, we had initiated to meet our client for our second meeting. Once we had met up with our client, we gave them a brief summary of our masquerade party. However, after a run through, we realized a problem – we had not fulfilled the client’s wants and needs. That was then we had realized that we needed to come up with something that actually meet their expectations. Our masquerade party was not defined enough since we did not know our specific target audience and our programme was too loose. We had also asked them about the background of their company and other related questions to help us come up with another idea.

We went back and thought through it, after a lot of trial and error, we finally came up with a new event that we are more confident in meeting the client’s expectation. We came up with a One Day Flash Mob Event.

The following last week of our deadline proposal, we went to do more online research that is related to our new event. We divided our team mates into doing parts of the proposal. Some of us had to compile the findings of our 500 respondents in our survey, while the others had to finish up their works such as segmenting the market and defining our target audience.

In the last few days of our deadline, we compiled all our research and writings together and organized them into a proper proposal.


The 3Cs that we have compiled are:

Company – NE CDC started in 1977, although under a different name, they had been doing events since then. NE CDC started their Facebook page in 2009. They have done past events such as North East Let’s Go Green! Block Party; an event that helped to raise awareness and help spread messages for environmentally responsible behavior among the community, North East Eco Kids; which aims to teach the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) to the children of today and Reformative Trainee Mentoring; is a programme to help...
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