Analysis and Design of E-Commerce System

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The Makeup Academy Online
The makeup academy online is an online academy that selling the Makeup courses and the cosmetics by purchase it online. We provided the courses of Makeup. There are 3 types of courses that we provided, which is Personal Makeup course, Bridal Makeup course and Full Makeup course. The makeup academy is very convenient to the entire customer that does not like to go out to make their purchase. The entire customer can make their order and payment through our website. Once the customer is complete the order and payment, we will process it immediately to arrange the shipping the product to our customer. Our shop coverage area will be the peninsula Malaysia. Project Identification

Expected Benefit:
People (users):
* Is very easy to access to our website.
* Fast shipping and delivery.
* No need go to the physical Marketplaces.
* Saving travel cost.
Revenue Model:
Shopping Cart
This website has two source of income: sell the Makeup courses and cosmetics. Project Objectives:
1. My first objective is to making the Online Makeup Academy is the famous shop through the online shopping/academy in peninsula Malaysia. 2. To become a unique online fast shipping and delivery in peninsula Malaysia. 3. User friendly. Users are easy to browse and access to our website.

Project Scope
The project is about making an online shopping store website of cosmetics and online academy by selling the makeup courses for all the people in peninsula Malaysia. The entire customer can purchase the product online easily than traditional purchasing method and don’t need to go to physical shop to get the product. Constraint

The website has large amount of pages and products which need to be properly linked. There are following design constraint which can be remarkably considered: * Pages logging: The adding new goods or service is difference if they don’t properly arranged and it will lead to confusion of the users. * Database design: required large database and should be very accurate to minimize the data redundancy and duplications. This is a major task for the website which needs to carefully design. * Security: it is very important in order to prevent the hackers to access to the database or the critical setting of the website to maximize the user’s data and personal information. Since the website will be dealing with credit card numbers and customer’s banking info, we must make sure there is no security whole to minimize the risk. * Database Crash: it is possible for the database which stored with all the information to crash due of certain reason. It will be a big lost for the company if all the information stored in the database lost. It can be resolved by making back-up database every day or every week depends on the requirement * Over Scheduling: it is a possibility that in the process of creating this new system, the resources might be over scheduling. They might to have to work over their limit. This expected risk can be solved by adding more resources into the development team.

SWOT Analysis
1. Shipping area cover whole peninsula Malaysia.
2. Our secure payment system.
3. Low Cost around 10%.
4. User’s friendly website.
1. Online shopping is not common among Malaysians.
2. International Student populations cannot have credit cards to do online purchasing. 3. Category is not much more for everyone.
1. It is a new market to attract customer.
2. Easy to order for customers by the help of online processing. 3. The cost of opening an online store is almost nothing in comparison with physical shop in commercial area. 4. Business can become bigger and bigger and undertake the coverage of the other cities in Malaysia. Threats

1. Online makeup academy on the net will becomes more and more, many people want to find their opportunities...
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