Analysis and Conclusion

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Analysis and Conclusion of

Within our care of the patient, we were able to identify several problems that correlated to affecting our client’s ability to carry out the labor and delivery process. We also have identified several risk factors that posed a danger to the client’s prenatal and postpartal state. Based on our analysis, problems such as fatigue related to labor and delivery process and deficient knowledge related to new condition, procedure, and treatment /delivery process. Not only have we identified problems such as the ones stated. We have also managed to identify that our client is noncompliant with regards to her health beliefs and value system, powerlessness related to inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health actions and interrupted family processes related to conflict between family members. Characteristics such as this have managed to add an additional problem in affecting her health. Though we managed to provide nursing interventions on several problems, we had also identified several risks such as risk for inadequate tissue perfusion r/t decreased cellular components required for the delivery of oxygen or nutrients to the cells s/t anemia and another risk like anemia related to her ineffective health maintenance. In a time of in our care, all things identified were provided with an intervention. Interventions that are not merely dependent but also independent. And through evaluation, certain goals were met upon our care.

Teenage pregnancy will always have higher risks for acquiring anemia. In our analysis of the case, Madam M’s noncompliance with taking recommended medications and inadequate prenatal check-ups may also be one of the factors that lead her to have anemia. That’s why we came up with how important the nurses’ roles are in educating the subject to being active and participative in every care of plan health workers and as well as...
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