Analysis 5

Topics: Family, Sibling, Father Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: May 22, 2015

David Crenshaw
SP 3450
Unit 5.1 Analysis

Bob grew up in the country with his parents and brother and sister. His dad was a retired paratrooper. Growing up his family moved every four years and his mother stayed at home to attend to Bob and his siblings. Since he was the middle child he often received hand me downs from his older brother. He now works in the Army as a paratrooper as his father did. He travels when needed for the military going on multiple trips a year for training. He likes to go on fishing trips with his friends and play recreational softball during the week and attend softball tournaments at least every other weekend. In what little time he has left he also does online courses to complete his degree. He met Sarah when she was a sophomore in college while she worked as a cashier at a local retail store. They fell in love right away and eloped. Soon after she became pregnant with their first child and dropped out of college. She now has three children and stays at home kids and does all household responsibilities including cleaning and cooking. Then taking the children to all doctor’s appointments, school, and doing whatever shopping is necessary for the home. Now that her youngest is going to attend school soon she is worried about what she will do with her time. She has always wanted to finish her degree but is still unsure of what she wants to do as a career. Getting frustrated with the unknown on a daily basis she and Bob begin to argue a lot. She wants him to spend more time with the family and help with the kids. He likes his life the way it is and see’s nothing wrong with the way it is going. He thinks she will have more time to complete her tasks when all of the kids are in school. Bob has a vision of how his life is supposed to play out. His mother raised him and his father worked and that was life. His mother never showed any issue of this so why should his wife? He is worried that the household will...
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