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CoverGirl is one of the most popular makeup lines. CoverGirl advertise their makeup products through their fashion models who are presented on the front cover of women’s magazines. Their fashion models are known as “cover girls”.

Featured on the magazine ad is Rihanna. She is very talented and a well-known singer. Using Rihanna as the main image for the ad helped grab the reader’s attention. The picture of Rihanna is a medium, close up shot that is in the center of the ad, making the image eye catchy. Rihanna is looking directly into the camera which demonstrates that she is trying to form a connection with the readers. The image of Rihanna is depicting the product itself. Her facial expressions is presenting a lot of confidence. The daring confidence is used to show the radiance from her eyelashes when using the new exact eyelights mascara.

The intended audience for this magazine ad are females. The ad targets new readers as well as the usual readers. In order to appeal to the audience they used a celebrity that is very popular. It made perfect sense to use Rihanna because she is one of the faces for CoverGirl. Since a lot of females envy Rihanna, seeing her use the product could help convince the customers to buy the product. CoverGirl is an American cosmetics brand so the audience are most likely to be interested in American culture.

There is a simple white layout for the background. Rihanna is a brown-skinned woman so using her dark skin color against the white background helps the image to pop out. There is also a white shadow around the eye the mascara was applied to. The white shadow is used to show the difference between the two eyes, the eye with the new mascara applied to it and the eye without the new mascara applied to it. The white shadow shows the effect on how the new exact eyelights mascara brightens the color of a person’s eye. The color white is associated with coolness, light, and goodness which makes...
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