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Araby By: James Joyce
I. Elements of Fiction
A. Settings
The year is 1894. The place is North Richmond Street in Ireland's largest city, Dublin. The street dead-ends at an empty house of two stories. Araby - the name of the bazaar
B. Characters
* Boy (Narrator) – the protagonist of the story, an adolescent who is in love with her friend’s sister. * Mangan – the boy’s best friend, who is about the same age with the narrator. * Mangan’s sister – the boy’s crush, who lives next door C. Plot

An emotional short story of a nameless boy in Dublin who has a typical crush on the sister of his friend, Mangan, and because of it, journeys to a bazaar or world fair called Araby, where he finally comes to a realization about his immature actions after he acted illogical and out of personal will. D. Conflict

The conflict occurs in the narrator’s (boy’s) mind.
E. Symbols
* Ashpits: Perhaps symbols of the hellish life of many Dubliners.  * Blind Street: Street that dead-ends. In the story and in real life, Dublin's North Richmond Street is a dead end * Brown: Color that Joyce uses in "Araby" to draw attention to the plainness and dreariness of Dublin F. Point of View

An adolescent boy narrates the story in first-person point of view. He does not identify himself. But to readers familiar with the life and works of Joyce, it becomes clear that he represents the author. Joyce based characters, places, and events in the story on recollections from his boyhood, although he altered reality from time to time. For example, Joyce was not an orphan, as is the narrator. II. Identify the Style

The author use of a first person narrative, Joyce communicates the confused thoughts and dreams of his young male protagonist III. Choice of Words
The author used negative adjectives in describing the settings and then used cheerful or exciting words in defining the boy’s crush. IV. Identify Defamiliarization
* being blind: Actually, this describes the condition of the boy's relation to reality * Set the boys free: Joyce uses this neat phrase to suggest that religion has imprisoned the boys. V. Identify Prominence

Mangan's sister : Joyce could count on readers making the connection with the popular, but sentimental and romantic 19th century Irish poet, James Clarence Mangan (1803-1849). Mangan was himself fond of writing about "Araby," and even though he knew no Arabic he claimed that some of his poems were translations from Arabic. Joyce's use of "Mangan" is one of the strongest supports for the theme of romanticism in the story, while at the same time it serves to strengthen previous instances of hypocrisy and false sentiment.

The Cask of Amontillado by: Edgar Allan Poe
I. Elements of Fiction
A. Settings
The setting of the story is in the underground catacomb, somewhere in Italy during a carnival season. B. Characters
* Montresor – the narrator of the story. He is a skillful in choosing Italian vintage wines. He’s a cold and ruthless killer. He killed because he was insulted. * Fortunato – Montesor’s prey. He is an expert when it comes in tasting and choosing Italian wines. C. Plot

The story is about Montresor’s revenge after he was insulted by Fortunato. When they meet in the carnival, Fortunato is already drunk and Montresor used this opportunity and tell him that he got a barrel of a rare wine called Amontillado. They went to the underground found in Montresor’s place where the wines are being kept. He leads Fortunato deeper and deeper into the catacomb, getting him drunker and drunker along the way. Fortunato keeps coughing, and Montresor constantly suggests that Fortunato is too sick to be down among the damp crypts, and should go back. Fortunato just keeps talking about the Amontillado. Eventually, Fortunato walks into a man-sized hole that’s part of the wall of a really nasty crypt. The narrator chains Fortunato to the wall, then begins to close Fortunato in...
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