Topics: Electric vehicle, Internal combustion engine, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Anthony Kirkpatrick
February 7, 2012
English Composition – Article Analysis

“The Future of the Electric Car”
This article covers the necessities in electric and hybrid vehicles due to the effects of climate and other changes occurring in the modern world. The first electric vehicle was invented by Robert Anderson in the late 1830’s and later on more electric vehicles were notable in manufacturing from France and Great Britain. Electric vehicles like, electric trains, trolley cars, scooters, and other industrial equipment, more car manufacturers are looking more into the development of hybrid or all-electric vehicles for the consumer market. The major components of the hybrid electric vehicle are a gasoline engine, electric motor, generator, transmission, fuel tank for the gasoline engine, and batteries for the electric motor. The interest in electric cars has greatly increased due to environmental and climate changes, tougher fuel efficiency standards, and increasing dependence on imported oil. The future for electric vehicles will most like shine, as people recognize that the price of oil will probably continue to rise, plus incentives for researching in new battery technology will boost their performance, making them an attractive and competitive against petroleum-based vehicles.

This article exercises purpose, audience, stance, and logos to state the situation. Its purpose plays a big role within the context because it wants to inform the audience about the vehicles’ near future and what it may bring in modern society. Electric cars run on rechargeable batteries unlike gas-powered engines that runs on fuel. Because of “rising climate-change fears, tougher fuel-efficiency standards, billions in government subsidies, and rivers of venture capital; they appear to be creating a tipping point that could move electric cars from the transportation fringes into the mainstream” (paragraph 2). Although it seems to be a great change to the industry, there are...
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