Analysing the Two Poems of: Island Man and Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes and How the Poet Creates Conflict

Topics: Poetry, Feeling, Stanza Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Analysing the two poems of: Island man and Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes and how the poet creates conflict

Firstly, we began to read Island Man as a class in lessons. This is written by Grace Nichols and is published in a book titled “Anthology”. The surface meaning of the poem is based on a man who used to live on a Caribbean island and still dreams of this place even now when he lives in London. At a first glace of the poem, it comes across as short and sharp, for example, the first line of the poem consists of the word “Morning”. This may look as though a far from exciting way for a poem to begin, but from this, the author is starting to create an image in the readers head and this is setting the time frame. Then, carrying on in the first verse of the poem, “The Island man wakes up

To the sound of blue surf”
These two lines portray the image of a man waking up on an island with blue waves lapping at his feet as he lies against an exotic palm tree. “The steady breaking and wombing” could be implying that the sea is his mother, who cares for him and is his only necessity. The word “wombing has many associations but the predominant image is the one of comfort and security. Also, the line “In his head” could be suggesting that the poem is all a dream of the man and it’s not reality, but what he’s like it to be. The second stanza continues his dream of what he wishes live could be, building on to the image inside the readers head with thoughts of what a Caribbean island would be like. The two verses finish of with the phrase “groggily groggily” The repetition of the word is as if the character is reluctant to believe that he has to leave the island behind or is reluctant to acknowledge his new surroundings. The third stanza consists of four lines, repeating the phrase “comes back” from the previous stanza. The poet tells us that here he comes back to the “sands” but reading on, we realise that these are metaphorical sands of...
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