Analyses of "I Walked as Lonely as a Cloud"

Topics: Stanza, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Poetry Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: February 22, 2012
AP English Language and Composition
2 February 2012
Word Count: 516
Analysis of “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”
         William Wordsworth’s, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, focuses mainly on the beautiful things that nature has to offer.  Nature is very important to Wordsworth and it is clear in his writing. Originally the poem was two stanzas and the final version (published in 1815) had four.  The feeling of the poem is positive and this attitude remains generally the same throughout the poem. “I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud” presents the speaker’s true feelings as well as tells a story with a deeper meaning.          As far as a literal meaning, the poem recaptures a moment when the speaker is taking a walk along a shoreline filled with a copious amount of daffodils. The flowers represent peace and happiness as they are described as “stars that shine and twinkle on the Milky Way” (stanza 2). The use of similes is abundant in this poem and gives the reader an even better feeling of what’s happening. Even title and the very first line are similes when the speaker describes himself as a lonely cloud. The word “lonely” can lead to assumptions that the speaker is walking alone these flowers comfort him and almost guide him on his stroll along the shoreline. Many other similes and metaphors are used in the poem and personification is certainly a large aspect to this piece of writing. Personification, especially in this poem, can create the thought that man is one with nature and that this bond cannot be broken. The last line in the first stanza reads “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”. This line gives the reader a much better understanding of how the flowers are moving. Another line that is a key example of personification comes in stanza three referring again to the movement of the flowers. “The waves beside them danced; but they outdid the sparkling waves in glee”. The flowers move so gleefully that they have more beauty than even the...
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