Analyse the Issue of Whether Change Leaders Should Be Internal or External to the Organization

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Topic 1: Analyse the issue of whether change leaders should be internal or external to the organization (i.e.: drawn from the current ranks of leaders and even the current CEO versus drawn from other organizations). Consider the circumstances under which you would recommend internal versus external leadership.

Forces for change in organisation
Nowadays, organizations are shifting from industrial to informational. Sustained competitive advantage is realized through teamwork, flexible structures and global perspectives.

Why organizational changes need to use change leaders
The change leaders have the professional knowledge and skills of the organisation development. The leaders will provide intensive professional help to the organisation by giving the fair point of views on the organisation problems; justify management decisions and learning and competence development of the organisation.

Roles of the change leaders
The roles of the change leaders, also known as change agents, must be able to solve problems in processes, systems, teams, individuals, organizational cultures, structures and designs within the organization. Positive change and to improve organizational performance and effectiveness through diagnosing and interventions are expected from a change leader. A change leader must be expertises in team building, system redesign and other behavioural interventions will raise queries in regard to the working culture of the organization, and analysing problems and facilitating different perspectives before coming up with the changes to the organization.

Skills and competences of ideal change leaders
An ideal change leader must tolerate ambiguity, listen attentively and being empathises, able to influence the organization members so that the change leader would be able to teach or mentor them and have their support to the organizational changes, can confront difficult, conceptualise and analyse problems.

Types of organization development...
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