Analyse the Benefits of Home-Base Care

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B:-Analyse the benefits of home-based care.

Home based childcare is a popular choice for parents as it offers many benefits that a nursery cannot, and families can fit it around their different lifestyles. The Government has a number of initiatives to encourage parents to go back to work and parents can take advantage of these. The childminder can offer a small intimate setting for a child which has the benefit of being similar to the care they receive at home. This will help the children settle in and make the parents feel confident in their choice. The parents can be involved in their Childs development as childminders work closely with them to deliver the best care possible for their child. The childminder will present a positive role model for the parents and children and will show respect for different cultures, family structures and diversities, and will communicate on a daily basis with the parents to ensure their needs are being met. As the setting is smaller than a nursery the childminder will be able to build a bond with the child and parent as they are the key worker and the children will form an attachment. This will build their confidence and enhance their development. A smaller group is less daunting for a child who is very young and who has never been away from their parents. They will be able to receive one to one care and the childminder will be able to meet their needs on a personal level and make decisions about the best way to meet their needs with the parents input. The childminder will always have more time to talk to the parents on a daily basis and to discuss any concerns they might have over the child. They can also take the time to give praise and support the child and their parents and offer advice . The home based child carer can offer a flexible service for the parents who have jobs with unsociable hours. Childminders have early opening hours and stay open later at night so parents have more flexibility...
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