Analyse Pretty Hurts

Topics: Rhetoric, Suffering, Pain Pages: 1 (499 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Analyze video
List the parts of the piece you intend to examine (This may include the music, language, images, etc.). Provide details about the elements you're examining. Describe them and start doing some conceptual analysis of what they represent and how they affect the piece as a whole (This can be done by freewriting, etc.). I think the song is especially impactful when we realize that pain and beauty are two things that are linked. Beyoncé knows that it’s nearly impossible to divorce pain from the ideal feminine aesthetic. The lyrics and video discuss some of the processes women go through in order to be more beautiful: bleaching their hair, obsessively dieting all of these things are painful, and they contribute to beauty as society sees it. It’s nearly impossible to be conventionally beautiful without enduring some amount of pain. Suffering is complicated for females. Beyoncé isn’t trying to pretend she’s not beautiful. She’s also not trying to pretend that she doesn’t endure all of these painful processes. And because she shows beauty, she shows pain. Because we are so obsessed with physical perfection, we’ve forgotten how to take care of our souls. We think that hair removal and dieting will make us happy, but those things are just a distraction. We put ourselves through physical pain in order to achieve perfection, but these things don’t help with our internal pain. Instead, we hurt physically and emotionally. Throughout the song Beyoncé keeps mentioning “are you happy with yourself” meaning after all the things you have done to yourself surgeries, hair removal, waxing, dieting to the extreme. Are you really happy? Consider what appeals these elements relate to (ethos, pathos, logos) and how they are being used to persuade. Pathos is used in this song/video in a way that would make the viewer and listener think twice about doing things to them self to change their looks....
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