Analyse own responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Psychology Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Sophie Napier
Unit 2.
Before analysing my own responsibilities in the promotion of equality and diversity, I must fully understand the terms and differences. Equality - Equality is about the right of students to have access to, attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience. This should be regardless of ability and/or circumstances. Inequality and discrimination should be tackled to ensure fairness, decency and respect among students. Equality of opportunity is a concept underpinned by legislation to provide relevant and appropriate access for the participation, development and advancement of all individuals and groups. (Ann Gravells) Diversity - Diversity is about valuing and respecting the differences in students, regardless of ability and/or circumstances, or any other individual characteristics they may have. If you have 2 or more students, you will experience diversity. You are also different from your students in many ways, and they are different from each other; therefore they are entitled to be treated with respect, with their differences acknowledged and needs taken into consideration. (Ann Gravells) My role as a tutor has many responsibilities relating to ensuring equality and diversity with all my students. I will always make sure I make no differences with anyone relating to sex, age or disability to name a couple. I have already experienced differences with learning abilities and preferred teaching strategies with different students. I begin my class by telling them what the subject will be on that evening followed by a group discussion to find out there preffered learning methods. Some subjects require a power-point presentation followed up with group discussions, others are individual or group tasks set, then evaluated together. Then there are revision tests which are individual tasks so I can assess what level they are at, and identify any students which may require extra help and attention. We always have a wide...
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