Analyse Different Types of Business Information and Their Sources.

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Adam Martin

M1- Analyse different types of business information and their sources.

Merseytravel uses a lot of different communications to communicate with people, which includes; verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web-based communication. Using these five different types of communications, Merseytravel can communicate with other people using different ways to communicate which includes technology and face-to-face.

Verbal Communication in Merseytravel
Verbal communication in Merseytravel can be used several ways, like advisory panels, telephone or face-to-face to verbal communicate. Verbal communication is very important for the reason being that you are dealing with a variety of people through out the day. In some cases you may deal with people who have different culture, ages and with different levels of experience. An important verbal communication that Merseytravel use frequently is; Advisory panels. Advisory panels are used by Merseytravel which acts as meetings where each of the five district councils come together and have a verbal meeting which includes; Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral. Meetings of the advisory panels are held on a quarterly basis, which in the meeting include verbal communication about how Merseytravel can improve. The main objective of the advisory panels is when verbal communicating to each other they can update each others knowledge, like how their markets are developing, what the economy is doing and what new laws are being passed that might affect the way they operate. The source of the verbal communication is Merseytravels meeting room where the advisory panels take place. The reason why advisory panels take place is so Merseytravel can get together and discuss on how to improve them-selves.

Advantages of verbal communication:

It’s easier to communicate verbally than any other way because you get to understand every detail that is being spoken by the other person. In Merseytravel customers communicate with the staff members this is an advantage because they get to ask questions if they don’t understand the instructions clearly. 

Disadvantages of verbal communication

A disadvantage for this type if communication in Merseytravel is when a language barrier occurs, if one person does not understand the other due to the fact that he or she does not speak English or does not cope with the accent so that will cause a poor communication between the staff member and the customer like on the ferry service etc.

Overall, verbal communication is important in Merseytravel as they can get together like in their advisory panels and discuss to each other about Merseytravel and how they can improve etc, which using verbal communication, it easy to get information across to each other than using of communications like web-based. Verbal communication in Merseytravel is internal as the advisory panels are just to do with Merseytravel but other verbal communication in Merseytravel is external when a customer wants to be a stakeholder.

Web-based communication in Merseytravel
Web-based communication is communication over the web. Web-based communication includes E-mail, Train alerts and bus alerts etc. Web-based applications are used on Merseytravels website which includes the train alerts etc. Web-based communication is good because people can access the web from wherever they are now days because people have mobile broadband. Train alerts are an important web-based communication in Merseytravel. For people travelling around all the time, web-based communication can be important to them. For example, if the person is out travelling and wants to see that the trains are running fine, then they can access web-based communication by going on Merseytravels website and clicking on the hyperlink on the side leading to the train alerts and can find out the information they wanted to know all using web-based communication. The source of web-based...
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