Analyse and Compare the Techniques Used by at Least Two Television Gameshows to Engage and Entertain Their Target Audiences. Which Do You Think Is the Most Effective in Appealing to Its Audience, and Why?

Topics: Big Brother, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Davina McCall Pages: 6 (2565 words) Published: October 28, 2008
A game show is a show in which members of the public or celebrities, either on their own or as a team, play a game which is likely to involve answering quiz-like questions for points or prizes. Game shows often offer money or holidays to contestants as prizes. An obvious example of this is the show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” in which contestants, if successful may win up to one million pounds. Most game shows now appear on television although a few remain on the radio. In this essay i will be comparing popular reality show “Big Brother” with all-time quiz classic “ Who wants to be a Millionaire?”.

Who wants to be a Millionaire? is a televised game show which offers large cash sums for correctly answering multiple-choice questions. The maximum cash prize (in the original British version) is one million pounds. The programme originated in the UK, where it i hosted by Chris Tarrant. It first aired in 1998. Big Brother is a reality TV show broadcast in the UK and Ireland. The idea of the game show is for contestants or “housemates” to live in isolation in a purpose built house. The winner is the last contestant remaining in the house at the end of the series as housemates are evicted by a weekly public phone vote. The prize is a large sum of cash, usually one hundred thousand pounds. It first aired in 2000. Both of these shows are extremely well-known and popular and yet completely different.

The most important thing producers have to think about when making a game show is who their target audience is. Who wants to be a Millionaire?'s target audience is probably adults who are over 30. This can be told simply by looking at the time that Millionaire is shown. Millionaire is shown at “prime time” which is usually between six and nine o'clock, thus meeting the requirement of most adults who will have finished work by then. Big Brother however has a slightly wider ranger of audience. Big Brother is on every morning at eight am as well as being censored to allow younger viewers to watch. There is also a weekly live show every Friday which is then repeated on late Saturday mornings on Channel 4's teen strand T4 and repeated in the evenings on E4. Live shows are also on channel 4 and E4 around two or three in the morning. These different times show just how wide the range of people watching Big Brother are and how the producers accommodate their needs.

Another huge factor when making a successful game show is to decide on the lighting, set and music. The set for Who wants to be a Millionaire? is a center stage with the audience surrounding. there is a circle in the middle where the host and contestant sit. This is set up so that everything focuses in on it and is arena like. The colour scheme is mostly blue and purple with a bit of gold. These colours, purple especially, are quite opulent and are mostly associated with wealth, which fits into the main theme of the programme; winning a large sum of money. This set has never changed in the ten years that the show has been broadcast. With Big Brother th main set is the house in which the contestants live in. Unlike Millionaire the house is usually large and spacious without a focused center. The colour scheme is usually bright colours such as yellow and orange. Another big difference to Millionaire is that every time a new series starts the house in which the contestants will be living in changes. Sometimes drastically, other times just minor changes. For example in series seven of Big Brother, housemates came in to find the fridge in the garden and the oven in the bedroom, whilst the bath was in the living room. This creates an element of surprise for the viewers, which is the reason for a lot of people watching the first episode. Music also plays an important role. i think Millionaire's set appeals to its target audience as it is very central and there is nothing to distract. However with Big Brother, the set appeals particularly to its target audience because it is...
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