Analyis of Kenya S Government Revenue

Topics: Revenue, Property, Income tax Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: February 5, 2011
From the analysis Taxes seem to be the major source of revenue to the government since in the year 2006/7 it accounted for 93.16% of the total revenue, in the year 2007/8 it accounted for 94.91% of total revenue and in the year 2008/9 it amounted 94.71%. This is a good sign since the tax revenue/total government revenue is ideally required to be above 50%. The following classes of taxes were the major sources of revenue for the government: •Taxes on income, profit and capital gains

Taxes on property
Taxes from V.A.T
Taxes on other goods and services
Taxes on international trade transactions
Other taxes not elsewhere classified
Non tax sources of government revenue:
Social security contributions
Property income
Sale of goods and services
Fines, penalties and forfeitures
Repayment from domestic lending
Other receipts not elsewhere classified
An analysis of each type of revenue as a percentage of total government revenue is summarized in the table below.

Central Government Gross Receipts Percentage to Total Revenue
Taxes on income profits and capital gains35.1437.2737.60
Taxes on property6.80%6.81%6.81%
Taxes from VAT25.9425.9625.96
Taxes on other goods and services20.4620.0520.03
Taxes on use of goods and on permission to use the goods or to perform services and activities 0.300.730.58 Taxes on international Trade transactions10.8410.6010.09
Other taxes not elsewhere classified0.740.970.97
Total tax revenue93.1694.9194.71
Social Security contributions0.000.230.21
Property Income1.980.981.56
Sale of goods and services2.592.002.11
Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures0.100.030.03
Repayments from domestic lending and non lending0.180.140.13 Other receipts not elsewhere classified1.991.711.25
Total non Tax revenue6.845.095.29

Both tax and non-tax revenues increased notably...
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