Analsys "The Destructors" and "The Lottery"

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Difference, Friendship Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 11, 2012
The stories being analyzed are “The Destructors,” and “The Lottery.” Tessie better known as Mrs. Hutchinson and Old Misery or Mr. Thomas, have many similarities between them. Some being the fact they both had something taken from them, a home or pride. They both enjoy a nice conversation with their friends or visitors. While there are some similarities between the two of them there are also some differences. Differences ranging from the lack of awareness to being completely aware of the circumstances, having friends and family or not having any family at all, and the vocalization of the two. Tessie and Old Misery are the same in the aspect they were both betrayed by people they trusted. Tessie’s was by her own family and friends and Old Misery’s was by a boy he trusted to welcome into his home. The difference is Tessie knew what was coming when she drew the black dotted paper. She was aware of her fate from the moment her husband picked the ticket out of the box. Old Misery was unaware of what was bound to happen when he invited T into his home showing him the wonders of his home. He told the boy when he would be away to go get his rheumatics. He did not know the outcome would leave him homeless. Having friends and family in Tessie’s situation didn’t matter much as they all still joined in by throwing stones at her, even her own children joined in on the fun. But in the end they still went home to their families and their friendships did not end due to the circumstances. Old Misery did not have friends or family, he lived alone in a tall dark house. Maybe that is why he invited T into his home, he was lacking that companionship. Being a vocal individual himself he stayed pretty quiet in his loo, partially because he knew no one would hear him, or they would think it was some drunken cries (12). So he sat in his loo all night without shouting a word until morning. Even when the boys brought him a blanket and some food he still did not holler or ask many...
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