Analisys of Let there be darkness

Topics: Lighting, The Observer, The Guardian Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 4, 2013

The article «Let there be darkness» written by Janet Blait in The Observer Magazine touches upon the problem of pollution, in particular the problem of the light pollution. The things that earlier were considered to give (render) a positive effect for the society now are regarded as detrimental ones which only disturb the private life of people. Saying that nowadays the streets are being flooded with the harsh, blazing light the author condemns the government’s policy of conducting the lighting of the streets during the whole twenty-four hours. With the development of the modern means of lighting a lot of people have become hostages of this present mania without any possible way out from it.

The giving article is a fine example of the publicistic writing and it is written in the first person narration. The author puts herself to the central position with the purpose to draw the readers’ attention to her own personality and make them believe that the interpretation giving by her is the only correct one. Using the enormous number of coloured words such as flooding, would-be, bounce, scourge, Janet Blait reveals the influence of the lighting system on the peoples’ life showing its disgraceful effect. Reading the article we can notice that the author gives a lot of descriptive words of light, thereby drawing the parallel between the system of lighting of that time and the modern system. Such worlds as mellow yellow, civilized pool of light oppose to the words like bright penetrating light, magnesium-lit stage, dreaded orange light to underscore the fact that illuminating every streets, every corner, nook and cranny in such a way the government only wastes the resources. With the help of the metaphor peaceful haven the author shows that the world was in safety while now it is on the verge of catastrophe because even the astronomers are not able to make out the stars and the constellations on the sky. Now people are thinking that Big Brother...
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