Analayz of Sons and Lovers

Topics: Marriage, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 5 (1650 words) Published: January 15, 2013
full title Sons and Lovers
 author D.H.Lawarence
type of work  novel
genre Its an atobiographical novel in two parts. In the period of his mother's illness,viewing her as a 'clever, ironical, delicately moulded woman' — and her apparently unfortunate marriage to his drinking father, an instability man. language English

 time and place written In 1908 in Nottinghamshire Lawerence began writing the novel Sons and lovers.He completed the novel in 1913, while mourning his mother's death and under yet another female influence date of first publication  1913 United Kingdom

publisher Gerald Dckworth and company Ltd
narrator because is an atobiographical book the narrator is Lawerence climax
protagonist  · 
setting (time)  at the turn of the twentieth century
setting (place) The village of Bestwood
point of view  All of the events are told of some third person (by the author) point of view. falling action  
tense past tese, present- tense the dlog between wife and drinking husbend, foreshadowing
themes Lawrence demonstrates how contradictions emerge so easily in human nature, especially with love and hate. Paul vacillates between hatred and love for all the women in his life, including his mother at times. Often he loves and hates at the same time, especially with Miriam. Mrs. Morel, too, has some reserve of love for her husband even when she hates him, although this love dissipates over time. Indstrial live vs nature,class conflicts, Motifs loves versus jealousy, social and romantic

 Symbols CHELP Sound off, GIN PITS Pits from which miners extract coal.

plot overwiev In the rolling hills and coal-pitted fields of central England,known as the British Midlands, live the Morels, a poor miningfamily. The family has just moved down in the world from the nearby village of Bestwood to the Bottoms, a complex of working-class row houses. Gertrude Morel is a small, stern woman, pregnant with her thirdchild, Paul, the protagonist of this novel. The Morels' other children are William and Annie. Paul is not wanted by his mother. The poverty-stricken household cannot easily handle another hungry mouth to feed. Walter Morel, Paul's father, is a hard-working coal miner with a lively spirit and a severe drinking problem. Mr. and Mrs. Morel were initially attracted to each other because they were so different. He is working-class, sensual, nonintellectual,and fairly irresponsible. His wife is middle-class, pious,intellectual, and eminently reliable. The passion that held them together in the first glowing months of their marriage cannot survive their social and moral differences. When Paul is born, Mrs. Morel is determined to make him feel loved, to compensate for his unwanted conception. Paul is a feeble,oversensitive child, who seems to be living proof of the shattered love of his mismatched parents. William, the eldest son, is the favorite of the family. He's a great athlete, student, worker, and companion. He lands a good job in London and gets caught up in the exciting urban life. He becomes engaged to Louisa Lily Denys Western ("Gyp"), a young woman who is beautiful but not bright. Meanwhile, Paul gets an office job at Jordan's artificial limb factory in Nottingham. The shop girls, particularly the hunchbacked Fanny, adore this shy, sweet boy who offers them encouragement and kindness. He has also become serious about landscape painting. On a holiday visit to the farm of family friends, Paul meets his first sweetheart, Miriam Leivers. At first, Miriam means far less to Paul than do the other members of the Leivers family, whom he visits frequently. In the city, William works endlessly to support his fiancee's extravagant whims. He resents Gyp's frivolity and stupidity but is sexually enthralled by her. She satisfies his passion, without...
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