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Topics: English-language films, Soldier, World War II Pages: 4 (774 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Haosong Wang
An Analysis of Storm of Steel
Storm of Steel which was written by Ernst Junger creates for the reader a picture of war as seen from the eyes of a German soldier who has found himself in the fields of battle during World War I. Through the novel, the German soldier attempts to dispel what nice ideas the reader may have about war. It may be true that to many men like the young German soldier in the story, war is all about glory. For the German soldier, to fight in the war is to bring glory to one's country. "The war was our dream of greatness, power, and glory." 1 But one does not come to see the real face of war until he/she finds himself/herself in its fields of battle. After having encountered the enemy, the soldier says, "The war had shown its claws and torn off it pleasant mask."2 After having fought in the war for some time, one would come to realize that war is not all about glory but human suffering. "I could tell from talking to my companions that this episode had somewhat damped their martial ardour. It had affected me too." 3. From the soldier, the reader learns that one does not experience any kind of comfort in war. "It may be imagined that this unaccustomed life came very hard on us, particularly as the old soldiers were quite knowing enough to take advantage of us in every possible manner."4 After reading this novel, the author hope that the reader would come to understand that war brings nothing but suffering for the soldiers involved as well as the civilians who get caught in the fighting between the opposing parties. Junger believes that nothing can be gained from the war except unnecessary of property as well as human lives. Junger also hopes that the reader would realize that the soldiers involved in the fighting did not really want to fight in the war and they too are victims just like the innocent civilians who get caught in the shooting between the opposing forces. An Analysis of Under Fire


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