Anak ng Pasig

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Anak ng Pasig
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Corned beef is an all time favorite, most specially during breakfast.  What if the corned beef that we love to eat is made from Angus Beef? A premium breed which you normally get to eat at fine dine restaurants and steakhouses for its tender meat and rich beef taste.  It’ll be one hell of a corned beef. It’ll be like fine dining every breakfast. Now, Angus steak lovers will be thrilled to know that their favorite high-quality beef can now be found in a can of Highlands Corned Beef! Highlands Corned Beef is the very first corned beef out there in the market that’s made with Angus Beef. Why Angus Beef? Because good beef starts with good breed and Angus is a premium breed of cattle that gives high-quality beef. Highlands Corned Beef is filled with the rich beef taste of Angus and has long and juicy beef strands. It has no artificial flavors, so expect that every strand is bursting with the natural taste of Angus Beef. Just imagine having the premium goodness of that mouth-watering Angus Beef in a corned beef, it will surely spice up any meal! Who’d best represent the premium breed of corned beef but none other than the premium breed of exceptional talents. “Good beef starts with the breed, and Highlands Corned Beef is definitely a premium breed.” – Angelo Cacciatore The half Italian dancer is equipped with a competitive background in dancing as he studied ballet in a prestigious school for 8 years in Italy. Angelo has an extensive knowledge in ballet dance but his skills are not limited to the genre, as he can perform any type of dance.  According to him in order to become a professional dancer, one must be very disciplined, possess a good health and good body. “In everything I do, I put my 100% concentration in it. I always prioritize my responsibilities as a dancer, before and after a performance.” Angelo is a new breed of dancer as he is never selfish in his craft. He doesn’t just dance to show off his skills but to inspire his audience with his performance. “I like how Highlands Corned Beef has no artificial flavors, you can tell it’s all natural Angus Beef with the richness of the beef’s taste.” – Luke Landrigan Luke is the first Filipino to become a part of the Billabong South East Asia Surf Team and he also represents surfing in the Philippines. Luke’s passion for surfing inspired him to put up his very own surf school in La Union. “I make people experience what Mother Nature has to offer, and I enjoy and deal with it at the same time. What other business out there offers you the same feeling and stoke you get from riding a wave?” Luke believes that his enthusiasm and knowledge in his business is what propelled it to its success. Luke is a new breed of entrepreneur as he is a hands-on boss and he works hard to keep his surfing expertise at a high level by competing and traveling so he can teach only the best to his students. “Highlands Corned Beef is a breed apart from my old corned beef since it’s made with the high-quality Angus Beef” – Paul Sorirano Paul is a perfectionist and very passionate about his work, he makes sure that the heart of his stories is always told well. Paul started his career doing AVPs, music videos and events before heading to the direction of making TV commercials and films. “My style is very visual, with pretty pictures that help tell the story well. The challenge for me always is to keep every project visually entertaining without compromising the message or the story. I take risks, and I learn from it.” Paul is able to achieve his success with patience, determination and giving his best in every project no matter how big or small. Paul is a new breed of filmmaker as he takes things to another level, sets new standards for himself, reaches for the unreachable and makes the impossible possible. “If you love steak like I do, you’ll surely love Highlands Corned Beef.” – James Younghusband James is the English-Filipino...
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