AnaGaspar Assignment CJS230 week6

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Assignment: Corrections Accreditation and Privatization Paper AnaMaria Sarabando-Gaspar
University of Phoenix
CJS/230 – Corrections: A World Apart
Professor Lisa K. Nash
Week #6
Please write a 350-700 word paper in which you discuss corrections accreditation and privatization. Address the following questions: What is corrections accreditation? How does corrections accreditation affect the professional development of corrections officers? How can industry leaders plan for better correctional officer professionalization and accreditation?  

What is privatization as it relates to prisons? How does this affect state and federal prison systems? How well do privatized prisons meet correctional criteria and how do they compare to federal and state prisons?

Corrections accreditation is defined as a system of verification that correctional agencies or facilities that comply with national standards promulgated by the American Correctional Association. ( According to Foster (2006) textbook, mentions that “Professionalization has to do with gaining professional status for persons working in corrections, while accreditation seeks comparable status for their employing organizations”. These correctional officers within the jails and prisons, must show professionalism, especially when dealing with inmates with a violent past history. However to obtain such professionalism, one must achieve college degrees, go for a background, eligibility requirements for the job position, as well pass the civil service test and along with the proper training program. As far as privatized prisons, these prisons are “privately owned to improve the quality of service without increasing the cost to the government and to the taxpayers”.(Foster, 2006) Accreditations and privatization tend to work together in order to train the employees and be able to keep both the inmates and staff safe, whether the prison...

References: Corrections: The Fundamentals, by Burk Foster. Published by Prentice-Hall. Copyright © 2006 by Pearson Education, Inc.
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