An Unforgivable Lynching

Topics: English-language films, Torture, Town Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: April 8, 2009
A review of: Patricia Bernstein’s The First Waco Horror. Patricia Bernstein’s The First Waco Horroris a brutally honest and shocking review of a gruesome act of history in 1916 in a Waco, Texas. The First Waco Horror is based around a disturbing incident about a young seventeen-year-old boy by the name of Jesse Washington who was a mentally challenged African American. Jesse Washington was blamed and charged of murdering and raping a white woman. Due to being convicted of such acts, Jesse Washington was brutally tortured, lynched, and burned to a slow miserable death. The entire community of Waco, Texas, which was almost a group of twenty thousand people cheered and celebrated as they watched the young boy Jesse Washington painful go through hours of torture until death. The large audience that congregated tightly in Waco’s town square included residents, close town locals and even the Waco City Mayor and Waco’s chief of police. What strikes Patricia Bernstein with cruised is why did not one person stop such a horrifying and cruel kind of behavior on that day. To make matters even worse, pictures were taken and even used as memorable item to remember that dark day on Waco’s town square. The book The First Waco Horror Author Patricia Bernstein really draws in the reader to question why would any sane human being do such a horrifying thing to another individual. Criminal or innocent, there are no true answers or reason why a heartless thing like this historical event should have taken place or why it wasn’t stopped. Patricia Bernstein’s A First Waco Horror delivers a raw, uncut, realistic and non- sugarcoated summary and evidence to that sad uncalled for day. The First Waco Horror illustrates how much our country has progressed and changed to a more respectful and structured place. To this day, The First Waco Horror’s story effects people still to this day.
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