An Unforgettable Experience in My Life.

Topics: Kota Bharu, High school, Sultan Ismail Petra Airport Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Today is July 16th, 2012. Exactly a month later, it will be Leman’s birthday. That means we will be celebrating Leman’s birthday on August 16th, 2012.. Jali,Seli,Setopa and I were best friends since our good old days in form 3.Now we have just finished our secondary school and all of us did very well in our SPM examinations.We were on cloud nine at that moment and celebrated our flying colours results at one of the well-known restaurants in town.Oh gosh! that was the best moments in our lives having the chances to celebrate the occasion with our female classmates,Siti,Aisyah,Murni,Tipah and our most glamorous girl in the school,Syafiqah.

I recalled three years ago when Jali,Seli,Stopa and I were the new students in this prestigious secondary Arabic school in town,SMUA Taqaddum Maarif which is located in Pasir Tumbuh,Kelantan-the so called Satellite City of Kelantan by the year 2020.Leman was already here until we were introduced by the five sweeties above in the class.We were all 15 years old then.Leman an active and smart student among the third formers was appointed the leader for all students in Form 3. He excelled both in academic results and extra curricular activities.He managed very well in many clubs and societies and is well known not only among the students but also among the teachers.So Leman was praised by most of his colleagues in form 3 for his hard work and good supervision.Sports is in his blood and he represented school,district and state in soccer matches.He has won many prizes and trophies.We usually met after school and discussed on school homework,assignments and extra- curricular projects.Since then, we became good friends.Leman had suggested we call our group as 5A’s.We agreed with Leman’s suggestion.One day Seli told us that in his village, there was an old dilapidated house which could be our meeting place.Every single day,when we had our free time, we would hang out and did anything there. We also decorated the house and...
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