An Unforgettable Evening

Topics: Rain, Family, Water Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: August 12, 2013
An Unforgettable Evening
It was that kind of an evening during which any work would seem to be boring. The sky was cloudy and filled with the terrorizing voice of thunder and the bright light of lightning. Not a single person dared to go out on such a windy day. It was exactly two days after we came from Mumbai to Chennai to live here for the next few years. My father had been provided with a bank quarters with ample furniture to stay. Since we had come after a very long time, my uncle, aunt and cousin had also joined us the day before.

Very soon it started raining profoundly. We felt so bored. Our parents wouldn’t allow us to go out in the rain. So we decided to play a game of cards. By the end of the game we had the greatest shock of our life. Our house had been flooded with rain water. It had been raining so heavily that water entered the house. We couldn’t do anything. It was sheer luck that we had taken dinner before the usual time. So we just had to go to sleep. My brother, father, cousin and I slept on the double bed we had. I had never felt more uncomfortable in my life. I kept cursing the rain and the others at home. My uncle had to sleep on the sofa and my aunt on the single bed. My mom had to sleep on a place where I would have never even dreamt of sleeping. She slept on the dining table.

Time was moving very slowly for me. It was late after midnight when I slept. The next morning we had a lot of work to do. We had to get rid of the water first and then wash the whole house with clean water. We ordered breakfast and lunch from outside. I kept fidgeting throughout the day. But today I am glad that that incident took place in my life. On that day I learnt, life cannot fine-tune itself to our convenience. We have to adjust ourselves to it. This quality has helped me a lot when I have been away from my family. “Now, I can sun up what I learnt about life in three words-it goes on” said Robert Frost. I...
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